We are a Wholesale Supplier of Health and Beauty items such as hair combs, shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste, batteryless flashlights, bungee cords and toothbrushes.

We supply everything from single use toothpaste to gallon size shampoo.

As a Wholesale Distributor of Personal Amenities such as reading glasses, rachet tie downs, hair brushes and cotton towels of various sizes and colors, we can provide these items in bulk at a inexpensive cost.  

Our goal is to provide you a place where you can buy items, at wholesale prices, for your church, youth group, school, business, Convenience stores, and Non Profit Organizations.

 This site provides one stop shopping as we can provide nearly all items that might be needed by people in distress.

We pride ourselves on quality items, great customer service, lowest prices on the web and fast Free Shipping In Lower 48 States.

We charge no shipping In Lower 48 States no taxes and no handling fees. The price you see on the item is the price you will pay.

Most major credit cards are accepted along with paypal and money orders

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